Alternet in a new guise

Since this week, the European network of leading institutes in the field of ecosystem research has a new identity.READ MORE

LIFE Programme at EU Green Week 2020

From 20 to 23 October the European Union holds its annual Green Week High Level Conference. This year the EU Green Week focuses on nature and biodiversity. One of the many sessions is on the EU LIFE Programme and what it has achieved for nature conservation in Europe. I have the honour to moderate this session. READ MORE

Input to new European biodiversity policy

In a new assignment with the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC/BD), Delbaere Consulting will support this year’s developments regarding new European biodiversity policy by producing an indicator folder and a strategic document for the ETC/BD.READ MORE

At the close of the year

When starting as an independent ecologist, now three years ago, one of the first things I did was developing this website. While checking it the other day I saw that I profiled myself as ‘making connections between policy, science, practice and business for the conservation of biodiversity’. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, also in the past year. READ MORE

About a bus and busy bees

Sustainability is not only about the environment, but also about people and money.

With regard to people, and following the credo ‘ecology with an accent’, Delbaere Consulting has now supported the purchase of a small bus for the day care home Stichting Appelbloesem.READ MORE

Europe’s jungles need our care

Did you know that Europe still hosts a number of ancient woodlands? Forests that have not been touched by humans for centuries and that are regarded as pristine. READ MORE