Privacy Statement

Delbaere Consulting treats data of its business relations with the greatest care. By doing so Delbaere Consulting adheres to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Responsible for data processing

The body responsible for data processing is Delbaere Consulting.


Objectives for processing data
  • Submitting to and accepting proposals and offers from existing or potential clients.
  • Implementing contractual agreements with clients. In the framework of the carrying out of assignments Delbaere Consulting can share your personal data with third parties that are involved in the execution of such assignment.
  • Maintaining business relationships with (potential) clients and other business relations (such as informing about services provided, carrying out satisfaction surveys, alerting to opportunities, invitations to events, or sending of promotional materials).
  • Carrying out basic statistical analyses (such as geographical spread of customers or distribution of assignments by client category).


Which data are collected

Delbaere Consulting only collects basic data about business relations, as obtained through personal contact, correspondence, or publicly available information. Apart from address and contact information data are collected on type of relationship (such as (potential) client, partner, provider, or expert). No data are collected that may affect personal privacy.


Security and storing term

Delbaere Consulting treats personal data with the greatest care. For example, Delbaere Consulting assures that your data cannot be used by third parties (unless required for the execution of assignments). Personal data are stored as long as is necessary for the objectives listed above or to comply with legal (storing) obligations.


Right of erasure

At all times you have the possibility to consult the personal data collected on you, to have them changed or deleted. In case you no longer wish to receive correspondence from Delbaere Consulting or you wish your data to be deleted, please contact Delbaere Consulting through the contact information on this website. Delbaere Consulting will take immediate action to make sure your request is responded to.



Delbaere Consulting reserves the right to modify this privacy statement. The latest online version is the one in force.



24 May 2018