I offer knowledge-based process support and customized advice aimed at achieving a better integration of biodiversity, ecology and nature in society.

How I can help you

Do you have building or renovation plans or do you want to make changes in the management of your land and want (or are legally obliged) to know the possible effects on flora and fauna and what you can do to minimize them? Then I can carry out an impact assessment. I would be happy to offer my experience with methods such as BREEAM and environmental impact assessment and my broad knowledge of ecology and nature to assess your plans. I can also study the specifics of a given nature-related subject for you.

How I can help you

Whether you’re working with an international group of scientists and policymakers, representatives of business parks, campsite owners or artists, this is all about co-creating new ideas and plans that strengthen your own activities as well as nature.
As a certified facilitator with many years of international experience, I facilitate processes from concept to completion and evaluation. By listening carefully and respecting all points of view I make groups feel at ease so that they can  share their ideas, exchange information and be creative. Think here, for example, of the development of a plan for nature friendly measures in a business park, the design of a municipal biodiversity action plan, or cooperating with researchers and decision makers to improve uptake of ecological knowledge.

How I can help you

Writing project proposals and requests for financing are an unavoidable burden for many, diverting time and money from your core business. National, European and global budgets for nature research and protection projects often involve complex, demanding and time-consuming procedures.
With my 20 years of experience, I can facilitate the entire process for you: from problem analysis and concept development to putting together a project team and project plan, to the compilation of the administrative and technical proposal and budget. I can also help you identify the best (European) financial instruments for a project idea and – if successful – I can support project coordination.

How I can help you

Do you as a company, land owner, school or municipality wish to give more space to nature, but don’t know where to start? Then I can help you. Whether you’re  planning a biodiversity garden, designing a landscape, or exploring opportunities for green infrastructure, ecosystem services or nature-based solutions, I’m ready to think along with you and offer examples of what’s possible and who you need. This can be combined with other services, such as stakeholder facilitation and communication support.

How I can help you

In addition to the above services I offer my experience and skills, as your strategic partner, to facilitate the improved integration of ecology into your activities. Think for example of surveying and monitoring of flora and fauna, acting as a nature guide for groups (such as a team day out or a group of international guests), giving presentations, writing about your nature-related activities, and much more. This can be done in Dutch or English, and if needed in French or German.