April 24, 2019

About a bus and busy bees

As far as people are concerned, and following the credo ‘Ecology with an accent’, Delbaere Consulting has now supported the purchase of a minibus for Stichting Appelblossom.

Sustainability is not only about the environment, but also about people and money.

Wat mensen betreft, en het credo ‘Ecology with an accent’ volgend, heeft Delbaere Consulting nu de aanschaf van een minibus voor het dagbestedingscentrum Stichting Appelbloesem gesteund.

This foundation offers day activities for people with dementia and non-congenital memory loss. In De Ambrosiushof in Hilvarenbeek, a natural environment with an impressive tree garden (over 500 plant species, selected to attract bees), the people find a lush, safe place to relax and deploy their qualities while working in the garden.

A bus, customized to people with reduced mobility, was urgently needed to transport the clients and to organize day trips. A crowdfunding action was set up with businesses in the region to buy the bus. When I was approached last year I decided to join the initiative. Instead of sending my clients a good bottle of wine at the turn of the year I made them part of the action by donating a fixed amount per client to support the bus. This bus has now been put into use with a small celebration, freeing up the foundation’s budget to invest in people, plants and bees.