By: Pictures Publishers

November 26, 2017

Book on nature in North-Brabant

This new book about nature in North-Brabant is the result of 3 years of writing by 30 specialists.

On 24 November a new reference book about nature in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant was published.

The book, Natuurgebieden in Noord-Brabant: Ontstaan, Ontginning en Natuurontwikkeling (Nature areas in North-Brabant: origin, exploitation, and nature restoration), is the result of three years of writing by some 30 experts, most of whom are members of the Ecological Society Middle Brabant. The first copy of the book was offered to the Governor of the province, Mr Wim van de Donk. This happened at the Brabant Natural History Museum in Tilburg at the occasion of the 85 years jubilee of the site managing organisation Brabants Landschap.

The book presents in detail the most important natural areas in the province. How did they develop historically and how have humans changed these landscapes over time? Originally this was beneficial for diversity in nature, but later exploitation of ever increasing intensity did more bad than good for landscape and nature. In the nature areas therefore much effort was put to help turn the tide. In what extent this was successful is described in detail.

I had the pleasure to do the text editing of this massive book – more than 400 pages and 1000 photographs. I’ve read all chapters from A to Z to search for writing and spelling errors, the correct use of names of plant and animal species, habitats, and locations, and to guard harmony in writing style between all chapters.