May 13, 2019

De wild plants of Tilburg

Are you also curious about how the Tilburg wild plants are doing? Read more about this new assignment that Delbaere Consulting is carrying out for the municipality of Tilburg.

Following my design of a biodiversity monitoring network for the municipality of Tilburg and the testing of the proposed method, Delbaere Consulting got a new assignment from the municipality. The monitoring network covers among others land use, public green space, public perception of green, and the state of plant and animal species. For the last component inventories must be carried out. Birds, amphibians, bats, butterflies and flowering plants must be counted following an agreed method, so that data can be compared in future years. In my new assignment I will inventory the wild flora on 30 selected plots. On the basis of the species found and their rarity an indication can be given of the state of Tilburg’s wild flora, as a basis for identifying changes in years to come.