By: Bas van Hattem

Building with nature in mind

Since 2020

STROOM architecten

I give ecological advice to (garden) architects and building contractors to avoid damage to species and to offer nature-oriented measures.

Constructing or renovating buildings can damage species of flora or fauna. For example, existing nesting or roosting spots can be demolished or blocked, food sources may become inaccessible, noise may disturb species, or soil may be sealed off and prevent plants to grow.
To avoid such damage, rules and regulations have been agreed to safeguard legally protected species, such as bats and breeding birds. More recently, integrating ecological considerations in building construction and renovation is becoming a widely accepted practice. Our need to adapt to a changing climate has reinforced this development, in recognition that nature can offer us solutions.

In this context, I give ecological advice to (garden) architects and building contractors. This includes carrying out flora and fauna quick scans to identify potential conflicts or damage to species and to offer solutions. It also includes joining the development process from project initiation, over construction design to active implementation, bringing in ecological principles and suggesting concrete measures to support wildlife.
Projects thus far include an office building in Tilburg, nature quick scans for private house renovations in Udenhout and Alphen, and a small sustainable neighbourhood development in Drimmelen, all in the Province of North-Brabant, the Netherlands.

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